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jweller64 says on 2011-04-16 14:53:44 Ports by Boat Member Photo
We need your help! And, in return, you can earn Free Rewards such as free logo sidebar advertising, polo shirts and dew rag bandanas.

We now have over 1700 marinas and 300 charter services listed on PortsByBoat.com. Our goal is to provide boaters with accurate information about marine destinations and services. By contributing your knowledge, you can help others enjoy their time on the water as much as you do.

By adding new marinas and services, you can rack up points to exchange later for PortsByBoat gifts. Even correcting existing descriptions, physical locations, website contacts and misplaced balloon markers will increase your reward points. It is Easy and Fast to make these changes.

Other things you can add include anchorages, moorings, marinas, restaurants, points-of-interest, yacht brokers, yacht delivery firm, boat insurance companies, boat repair shops, boat surveyors, fishing charters, sailing charters, licensed captains, and scuba dive shops.

Get started by (1) signing on or creating a free account, (2) locate the port where you want to add your item, (3) click on "Add a Service" on the right-hand sidebar, (4) enter helpful information, and (5) click "Save".

To see your reward points, select My Rewards from the submenu under your user account. You can see your accumulated points and reward gifts.
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