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MagicDragon100 says on 03-08-2013 pertaining to Montserrat
Clear customs at St John's ... anchor off St John's or another good place is off the Belham Beach/Isles Bay, get permission when you clear customs. This is an island where there isn't lots of tourism... no casinos ... only one big motel... a quiet little island where you can rest and enjoy the semi tropics. Olvestan House is a great place to have dinner... Most of the time the tradewinds blow so the the west side of the island is protected... but watch out for the few times a year when the winds shift. It can get choppy. A breakwall is in the works but it will be a few years before it gets done. Montserrat is going to be my island within two years ... retirement = 1/2 year cruising + 1/2 year land based on Montserrat. Contact me if you want to rent my villa .... Vest View ... Views of the beach off the Belham/Isles Bay and the volcano..Keep an eye on your boat.. pool and 1/4mile from Belham beach... For Cruisers who want a break...two nites or more ....I'll rent my two bedroom villa for $100 a night. Google Vest View for pictures. chris K
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