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Port of Fernandina, Florida USA - Atlantic

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Captainjeff296 says on 2010-05-21 18:44:57 Ports by Boat Member Photo
We stopped at this marina on a Yacht Delivery from New York, NY to St. Petersberg, FL. We needed fuel and water. The Marina has easy access and plenty of deep water for virtually any size yacht. Hang your fenders vertically there is a big wooden bulkhead lining the dock!

The deck hands were quick to help and one, in particualar named, Sessions was a very friendly guy and helpful with local knowledge of restaurants and where to get provisions for the boat within walking distance.

I did also note there were two other dock hands that were much less friendly... They were professional, but insisted on charging us .40 a foot per hour to run up and grab some food and supplies, we took one hour exactly. This made us feel less than welcome. I understand as a person in this industry that one has to make some money at the marinas and waterfront property is not cheap, but for Pete's sake give someone who bought $150.00 worth of fuel from you a one hour break!

Everything in town is walking distance and Fernandina is a very cool little "Artsy/Quaint" kind of place if you are into that stuff! Our brief stay was enjoyable, but we had to continue on and we couldn't afford the parking rate! :-)

Fair Winds All!
Capt. Jeff Lewis
On Watch Yacht Delivery
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