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jweller001 says on 06-18-2010 pertaining to Holland Lake Michigan
June 16 Race #3 Summer series Lickity Split had most of the regular crew. Due to a lack of wind on the big lake, the race was to be held on Lake Macatawa, and the lighter winds meant we only had time for two legs. Brave Bert ? We sent Bert up in the climbing harness to fix the Windex indicator on top of the mast. We used the main sail halyard, and a backup line with the Genoa halyard. He packed his pockets with tools. Of course it required one more tool, so we sent a five gallon bucket up another halyard with Allen wrenches. Once it was at the top, it posed an undesirable image: a 5 gallon bucket directly underneath Bert as he was working the mast top equipment. Not a pretty picture. Our division started at 1910. Our speed ranged from 1.5 to 3.1 knots. We were all trying to eek out more speed, and we stayed ahead of ?Drumbeat? on the first three tacks. Each time she would have her retractable spar extended a bit, reaching out toward us, as we crossed paths in three near misses, and each time, she passed within in feet of our aft. Put a sharp point on the front of the spar and she would have been a ramming ship. In the end, other boats were fortunate enough to be in a lane of breeze, while others like us, nearly stalled in calm spots. To our unpleasant surprise with spinnakers sailing downwind, Capricious sailed under us, as we sailed over them on a port breach, and we fully expected to steal her wind, yet they accelerated and we stalled. Uggg. Swinging SteveO ? SteveO is our main spinnaker guy, reconnecting the spinnaker pole to the opposing clew on each jibe. In heavy wind it is easy to see that the job has lots of increased risk of injury. Last night was calm, but Lake Macatawa was crowed and narrow and required at four jibe maneuvers, all performed smoothly by SteveO.
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