Family Vacation Summer 2009

We took a 37' sailboat out of Holland for a family cruising trip. The kids had not been on a boat overnight so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to teach them to sail.

Start Date: 07-26-2009
End Date: 07-31-2009


Travel Log

1) Holland 0 Nm / 0 Nm
July 26, 2009 We arrived at Anchorage Marina around noon. Brother Pat was there to see us off. We loaded our luggage and decided to remove some unnecessary items from the boat. We instructed our 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter to unlock the crib and place the items in it. While our son was loading the crib, our daughter was swinging the rope which held the key which in turn was inside the lock. Leyna heard "plunk!" and said, "Mitchell, did you hear something?" Sure enough, the lock flew into the drink. So, John had to quickly run to the hardware store to get a new one since it wasn't our crib but the owner of the boat. Oh, boy!

2) Waypoint 0.7 Nm / 0.7 Nm

3) Waypoint 0.7 Nm / 1.4 Nm

4) Waypoint 0.4 Nm / 1.8 Nm
As we went through the channel, Pat and his wife Brenda were waving to us and taking pictures.

Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla

5) Waypoint 0.4 Nm / 2.2 Nm
Oops! The weather was way too rough to get to Muskegon or anywhere. We decided to turn around and enjoy the marina pool for the evening and start again in the morning.

6) Waypoint 25.7 Nm / 27.9 Nm
The kids kept themselves busy sharing Leyna's Nintendo game. They each had about an hour at a time. They definitely learned how to work together. We also had them help with crewing once in a while.

Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla

7) Muskegon 5.1 Nm / 33 Nm
July 27, 2009 Yeah! We made it to Muskegon.

Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla

8) Waypoint 3.3 Nm / 36.3 Nm
Stayed overnight at the city marina. We couldn't pass up Fricano's Pizza just a short walk from the marina. Best thin-crust pizza ever.

9) Waypoint 2.7 Nm / 39 Nm
July 28, 2009 We moored for the day on the channel side of Muskegon State Park. We swam over to the beach and climbed the dunes.

10) Waypoint 0.5 Nm / 39.5 Nm
We stayed overnight at Harbour Towne Marina. We walked over to Dockers and ate outside. The kids loved their crab cake sandwich.

Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla

11) Waypoint 4.5 Nm / 44 Nm
July 29, 2009 John's birthday. We started off for Grand Haven.

12) Grand Haven 12.4 Nm / 56.4 Nm
Just in time for the Coast Guard Festival. We tied up to the wall. The boys grabbed their skateboards and ran up to the city skateboard park. We didn't see them for about three hours. John, Leyna and Jackie roamed around the city. In the evening, we watched ballroom dancing on the channel and the musical fountain.

Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla

13) Waypoint 22.4 Nm / 78.8 Nm
July 30, 2009 We left early after a sleepless night on the wall. The boat kept bumping against the wall and the mast was clanging all night. We began our sail to Saugatuck.

Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla Flotilla

14) Waypoint 8.2 Nm / 87 Nm

15) Saugatuck 1.2 Nm / 88.2 Nm
We stayed overnight at a very small marina. Had a great shower after a few days of being on the boat. We walked around quaint Saugatuck and had birthday dinner.

16) Waypoint 1.1 Nm / 89.3 Nm
July 31, 2009 The kids didn't want another long trip to South Haven so we started for home.

17) Waypoint 5.1 Nm / 94.4 Nm

18) Waypoint 5.5 Nm / 99.9 Nm
We got back a day early but we all had a great time.

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