ARC EU St Maarten 2 Bermuda Leg 1

My first time sailing with the World Cruising Club and the Atlantic Cup to Bermuda. This rally starts in Nanny Cay Tortola and finishes in Bermuda; and then it splits to East coast USA, or Europe. Additionally, we started from Sint Maarten on May 1 and meet the rally club at Nanny Cay.

Start Date: 04-28-2013
End Date: 05-12-2013

Contact: John Weller

Travel Log

1) Saint Martin St Maarten 0 Nm / 0 Nm
Start April 29 at Fort Luis Marina in the French portion of the island. We ordered our provisions from a vendors menu and had the food and ice delivered to our dick. All cardboard and packaging was removed. We were about to depart on our 900 mile trip. Our Captain: Bernard of Belgium. Ship\'s name: Soledonna, Beneteau first 47.7, 14,5m. Depart May 1st for Nanny Cay, BVI, to meet up the World Cruising Club (WCC) Atlantic rally to Bermuda. Se video

2) Waypoint 8 Nm / 8 Nm
First let must round south-west tip of Anguilla on our way to Prickly Pear Cays.

3) Waypoint 7.4 Nm / 15.4 Nm
Snorkel at Prickly Pear Cays 6 miles west of Anguilla.

4) Waypoint 73.7 Nm / 89.1 Nm
Go to Virgin Gorda, BVI, Port of Entry. They actually close at 330.

5) Waypoint 3.1 Nm / 92.2 Nm
Turn to Virgin Gorda and head for an anchorage

6) Virgin Gorda 1.5 Nm / 93.7 Nm
Anchored at Savannah Bay for the evening. Nice and Sandy, but the snorkeling was a bit dull. I am sure it was nicer snorkeling on the right coral bloom.

7) Tortola BVI 13.1 Nm / 106.8 Nm
Arrive May 2 or 3 at Nanny Cay, BVI. Make final arrangement and safety inspection. Atlantic Cup and Arc EU Rallies both head to Bermuda. Rally starts May 4. Leg 1 See video

8) Waypoint 1.4 Nm / 108.2 Nm
Depart on May 4 starting our ocean passage. Official start is noon as the rally begins. See video

9) Waypoint 8.5 Nm / 116.7 Nm

10) Waypoint 840.8 Nm / 957.5 Nm
Head towards Five Phantom Hole at 32.22\'60\" N 64.37\'60\" E, then head into Town Cut Channel following buoys. All vessels approaching or departing must contact on VHF 16 or 27 when approaching 25 miles from Bermuda, or they will contact you. Be prepared.

11) St Georges 2.7 Nm / 960.2 Nm
Arrive in Bermuda, hopefully before our plane takes off 2:30pm Sunday May 12. St Georges Marina. See video

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