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Lk Macatawa to Wisconson and back

Start Date: 2014-03-24
End Date: 2014-03-24

Adventure trip crossing Lake Michigan. Depart from Holland Mi and cross to Wisconsin. Spend a day or two in Wisconsin and return to Holland.
Various fun along the way.
Two hour helmsman shifts. Multiple boats encouraged to join.
See www.AfrayedKnotSailing.com Blog Roles.

Contact: john.weller@afrayedknotsailing.com

Travel Log

1   Holland
Departure on Thursday evening or Friday AM.
Depart for Wisconsin.
Have fun, scavenger hunt. eat and eat!!!

2   Waypoint 1.4 Nm

3   Waypoint 0.7 Nm / 2.1 Nm

4   Waypoint 74.9 Nm / 77 Nm

5   Milwaukee North 1.8 Nm / 78.8 Nm
Stay overnight at Milwaukee Marina.
Eat, celebrate, maybe tour or see a baseball game.
Return to Holland.

6   Waypoint 1.4 Nm / 80.2 Nm

7   Waypoint 69 Nm / 149.2 Nm

8   Waypoint 4.5 Nm / 153.7 Nm

9   Waypoint 2.7 Nm / 156.4 Nm

10   Holland 1.6 Nm / 158 Nm
Final destination is a round trip to Holland. Should take three to four days depending on weather.
Party and find the winners of various games.
Total distance = 158 Nm

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