Sailing Certification Trip

I signed up for a sailing instructor certification course through Flagship sailing. They have two Captains with many years of experience. We sailed a 30 and 36 ft Catalinas. It was great to meeting five other students who have worldly sailing experience. The four day program required students to give lessons in class and on the water on so many aspects of sailing. This type of testing requires students to be book-smart and water-smart.

Start Date: 04-02-2010
End Date: 04-05-2010

Contact: Flagship Sailing

Travel Log

1) St Petersburg 0 Nm / 0 Nm
Training involved a review of expectations the certifying teacher. Then each student instructor would each be given sections of a training material to prepare and instruct the class as an instructor. Every one had a chance to give advise. All the instructor students were great sailors with neat experiences to share. Then off to the sailboat and we all departed from the dock. The winds started slow and gave us all time to adjust to using the iron genny.

2) Waypoint 3.8 Nm / 3.8 Nm
Away into Tampa Bay we headed out on a course toward buoys and day marks. The harbor porpoises were fantastic to watch and encouraged us along.

3) Waypoint 5.1 Nm / 8.9 Nm
We practiced jibing and tacking, heave-to, reefing, and anchoraging, all single handed, while the crew waited inside the galley. What a day.

4) St Petersburg 4.5 Nm / 13.4 Nm
After a good four hours on the water and taking turns on skills, everyone was critiqued and evaluated by the instructor. Everyone passed, but with good scrutiny.

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