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Cruising Port to Port Travel Planner

Hey, boaters and cruisers!
You can develop your own itinerary on the water using our easy-to-use Travel Planner. Plan your voyage and print your plan before you board or use it online as a cruising guide along the way.


Become a Member Begin by creating an account to become a member of our community.
Prepare for your Trip Print out the World's Best Pre-charter Checklist to prepare for your trip.
Create a Plan Search or navigate to the port or body of water where you will begin your trip and click on 'Add a trip' in the right-hand sidebar. Create your own plan using our interactive google map.
Record your Waypoints Record your plans for each port and waypoint. Use our distance measuring tools for an easier planning experience.
Invite Others to Join You Turn your trip into a flotilla by checking the 'Public' box. It will then appear in our drop-down menu under Group Trips.
Print your Plan Print your plan before you go or refer back to it online during your trip.
File a Float Plan File a Float Plan with a reliable friend or relative in case you do not return when expected.
Log your Trip Keep a record of your trip or memorable events for each port and waypoint. Update your online trip when convenient. You can even upload your photos.
Contribute your Knowledge Update PortsbyBoat.com port information when you come across some interesting places or things to do.
Produce a Memory Book After your trip, you will have an online memory of your travels. Print a copy and keep it on your boat for others to read.
Share your Trip with other Boaters and Cruisers To share your experience with boaters and cruisers worldwide, make your trip public by checking the box and it will appear in our drop-down menu under Cruising Logs.

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